I am often asked, especially on Instagram, what tools I use and what resources I take advantage of in my business. While I am happy to share most of my tools and resources, I can’t possibly share all of them (both because I can’t remember everything and because that would take too long). The following tools are some that I use and love, and I hope you find this list helpful!

First, as always, my disclaimer: I do not speak for all artists here and what will work best for you or anyone else. I speak only for myself! I am also not representing any of these companies. I also can’t vouch for how any of them will work for you and your process.

I also link to many products here on Amazon, because they carry pretty much everything — and if you live in an area without a local art or printing store, Amazon is a great place to order supplies. That said, I encourage you to shop small local businesses for these products, and I also encourage you to search the internet for other places that sell art supplies if shopping on Amazon isn’t your thing.


these are a FEW of my FAVORITE thingsssss - doodle

All time favorite pens! 



Watercolor Pan - kind of chalky but i love them and so does everyone on Instagram! 





Windsor Newton - changed some colors though. this size is AMAZING, amazing for travel





Dr. Phil - just got them




Pentel Brushes - new, not sure i like, harder to squeeze 





small pad - perfect for travel 



tracing paper - i know it seems silly to have a favorite tracing paper, but i really do!!!




SWOON i want these ecoline so badly! Hopeflly next!




Books I suggest to get started: 


Kari Chapin




Lisa Congdon