Hi friends!! It's been a WHILE!

I just got back from Florida. I was visiting my family, and had the pleasure to 'meet' my nephew! Yay! 

While i was there, computer-less, i spent a majority of my time exploring my creativity in ways i don't often allow myself to do here in NY. My mom bought me a NEON EXPLOSION of fun crafty things! [sharpies, colored pencils and the COOLEST pencil pouch i've ever seen!!]


I spent time hugging doggies [they have three] and swimming everyday. I learned that computer FREE days are so IMPORTANT. I spent a lot of time just being with friends and family, but i spent a SIGNIFICANT amount of time writing, drawing, and coming up with new designs, and planning my current and future projects.

It's funny.. as artists we wish we had the time to work more on crafty things and less on business things... but this past week I learned that spending a TON of time using your right brain is EXHAUSTING. I guess the balance is okay for now... [even if i still wish i allowed myself to be crafty more often]

All and all it was a good trip and a good reminder how IMPORTANT rest is for not only my body, but for my career too!

Is there anything you've learned [about yourself] recently? I'd LOVE to hear about it! :)

Happy Wednesday friends!!