Eps. 15 - From Passion to Obsession to ANXIETY!!!! aka My journey with Zero Waste.

In this month’s solo episode of Rainy Day Diaries, I talk about how learning about something new (an important cause in this case!) can quickly turn into a passion… or if you’re really lucky, can quickly turn into a reason you beat yourself up.

I discuss the Zero Waste Movement and easy ways for all of us to eliminate trash. 

My favorite straw!
My favorite silverware set!

Also HERE is my full list of my FAVORITE waste-free products!


So cool story, this is one of the VERY FIRST episodes of the podcast I recorded when I was pregnant. I actually came up with the idea of this episode while at a networking event in St. Pete while being surrounded by plastic cups and pre-wrapped granola bars.

In all honesty though, since I became a Mom, this has been WAY harder. WAY WAY harder. Mom Brain is a real thing, and I often can’t even remember to wear shoes when I leave, let alone remember all my reusable items, but I’m trying my best. :)

- Sad Sea Turtle with Straw in Nose - graphic.
- Give Yourself a BREAK!
- I didn’t know about her back when I recorded this episode but I love that she explores way to reduce waste without making us feel bad about it. :)

 PS: The link above with the product recommendations are Amazon affiliate links.


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Music: Cute uke tune by Scott Homes.